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Unlike big box gyms where you are just a number without a plan, Trivida gives you measurable goals and achievable solutions to obesity, chronic conditions, and change of like in a family-like environment.

1. Effective and corrective personal training

2. Internal medical evaluation and treatment

3. Optimal nutritional and emotional health

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Corey Feldman, MMS, PA-C, ATC, started his career as an athletic trainer and expanded his profession to become a Physician Assistant.  After years in family practice, emergency medicine, and urgent cares – he realized his calling was beyond that of a traditional clinic.  He had grown up with a passion for fitness and nutrition.  Now with a passion for medical care he could help patients in a way no one else could.  The vision was seven years in the making, but finally in 2013 with the help of his partner, Meghann Pullen, they were able to put the pieces together.

Meghann has 10 years in the marketing and business industry and in 2011 also found a love for fitness.  She was certified in TurboKick, a group format sweeping the bigger gyms across the country.  Meghann loved sweating it out with people, but with a busy career had trouble finding the right way to help people the way she had planned. Once she met Corey, the sparks and business plans flew.  Today, Corey and Meghann run Trivida together both training clients, working with people on their nutritional and emotional wellbeing.

Corey consults with each client to monitor and evaluate their health, either as a primary care provider or in conjunction with their own medical team.

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Corey Feldman

Owner | Physician Assistant | Trainer | Coach

Ten years in wellness provided the perfect path to create Trivida. Corey started his career as an athletic trainer, working with athletes ranging from high school to professional. Read More

Meghann Pullen discovered her passion for fitness in high school when she began to dance for her high school dance team. Read More

Meghann Pullen

Owner | Marketing Director | Business Manager | Personal Trainer

Andrew Adams

Personal Trainer | Strength and Conditioning Coach

Andy has a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Colorado Mesa University. He went on to become a certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer. Upon graduation in 2015, Andy began training clients at locally helping them achieve their goals with his personalized approach. Read More

Megan Johnson

Studio Manager | Life Coach

After many years in the corporate world, Megan took the leap to pursue her passion as an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach. In 2016, she completed her certification and practicum and is now a practicing life coach. She also took this opportunity to complete her business degree in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Human Services. At Trivida, Megan supports our clients by helping build awesome content for blogs, newsletters, and monthly check-in’s. She also is a huge help to our coaches and staff!

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