You have got to try this quick, delicious, and healthy summer recipe. Get those grills out people and enjoy! … Come to think about it, these would go great with Meghann’s famous Mojitos


2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 cups Fresh Organic Cherry Tomatoes, Raw
1 serving (1) Bell Pepper (red, Orange, Yellow)
1 serving (1) Yellow Onion
1 pounds Grass Fed Beef – Bottom Round Steak


1. Cut beef into 1-inch cubes and marinate in olive oil and choice of seasoning for at least 15 minutes
2. Quarter onion, and cut pepper into 1-inch pieces.
3. Assemble the kabobs as follows: Onion, beef, bell pepper, tomato, then repeat. Salt and season to taste.
4. Grill on medium high heat
5. Rotate every 2 minutes until preferred doneness
6. let rest for 3 minutes before eating.