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Instead of asking you, “What drug matches up with this disease?” Functional Medicine asks the vital questions: “Why do you have this problem in the first place?” and “Why has function been lost?” and “What can we do to restore function?” In other words, Trivida looks to find the root cause or mechanism involved with any loss of function, which ultimately reveals why a set of symptoms are there in the first place, or why you are having the symptoms you are having.


Patient Focused, Integrative Care

Sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired”? Avoid doctors’ appointments because they seem useless? Do you want a doctor to actually spend time getting to know you instead of seeing you as a list of symptoms? An integrative and functional approach may be what you are looking for!

trivida-transparent“Trivida is a very unique concept. They have helped me work on all areas of my life. They have helped increase my strength from illnesses. They have helped better my nutrition immensely. They bring medical care back to what it should be. Looking at the entire person, all of their medications, medical diagnosis and their emotional state as well. Then they design an individual plan for you based on your goals and where you want to be.”

trivida-transparent“Trivida is the BEST! Corey Feldman takes his time with every patient he sees! You don’t feel rushed like at most other clinics! He listens and really cares! I love the fact that getting an appointment is so easy and Corey is so flexible! I have seen him a few times now and will continue. He also sees my wife and son and they love him too! We highly recommend Trivida! Thanks Corey!”



We offer affordable student, sport physicals, and camp physicals.  Use the “Book Now” button below to book today.  Schools: If you have an entire team that requires physicals, I can come on-sight and complete in a single day.  To schedule a day, please contact Corey Feldman at 720-428-8312.

trivida-transparentGreat for Sports Physicals:”We were in and out in 20 minutes. Cory is always very easy to talk to and helpful with all the questions we have. It was also very easy to make an appointment online.”

trivida-transparentNice, quick Boy Scout physical: “Easiest physical ever for Boy scouts. Now off to hiking, backpacking and rappelling. If we hurt ourselves we know where to come”

trivida-transparentGreat Job: “I would recommend Trivida to anyone needing a physical. The service was very professional and they were friendly as well as proficient.”


When you step on a scale and see that your weight has changed, what really changed?  The body fat?  Muscle?  Water?  Measuring your body composition allows you to truly understand the changes in your weight.  Knowing how much fat you nee to lose and how much muscle mass you are gaining can help tailor your food and movement/exercise plans to keep you on track so you can reach your goals!  Your body composition analysis will be used as a guide to help determine your ideal weight and to monitor your progress throughout your treatment.


Functional Medicine F.A.Q.s

We are a cash based practice, what that means is you pay us for your appointment when you visit. Our billing structure is simple, a simple one time appointment fee or a monthly membership fee.
An insurance based practice is bound by rules and governed by what the insurance companies are willing to cover. They often need a patient load of 3000-4000 patients per provider in order to break even on cost! In my practice, I can keep my patient load small so I can spend time with every patient and give them the attention they deserve. I also don’t require a billing or coding department, so I pass those overhead costs savings on to the patients.
Yes, most of the time we can run your lab work, referrals, x-rays, and MRI referrals through your insurance provider.
Yes, just like your typical family practice provider, I can help you with any of your prescriptive needs. Disclaimer: I do not accept new patients needing controlled substances. I can however refer you to a pain management provider.
We work with Vibrant America, one of the most comprehensive diagnostic and wellness labs in the country. We also draw for LabCorp offering diagnostic and  acute strep and urinalysis.
I enjoy acting as a functional provider for my female patients and I support their OBGYN as partner in health. I do not perform well woman exams at this time or any obstetrics services.
While I have years of experience resetting and casting breaks, I do not have the x-ray equipment or supplies to treat breaks. I recommend visit an area urgent care or free standing ER to be seen immediately then following up with the appropriate orthopedic practitioner.
While I am a firm believer in both western and eastern forms of medicine, my practice is based in functional western medicine. I do however take alternative approaches to symptoms and work with my patients to find the right answers and providers for their needs.

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