2 serving (1) Garlic Clove
1/2 cups Diced Red Onions
3 cups Cascadian Farm Organic Mixed Vegetables
1/4 cups Bragg Liquid Aminos (soy Sauce)
1/4 cups Canned Coconut Milk I Organic
1 cups Chicken Broth
1/2 cups Quinoa Grain
24 oz  Chicken Breast, Without Skin, Raw

Crush or minced garlic
Add all of the ingredients to your Instant Pot Pressure Cooker.
Place the lid on your pot and make sure the vent valve is in the SEALING position.
Using the MANUAL function on your Instant Pot, high pressure, use the +/- buttons to program the
pot for 10 minutes.
When the time is up let the pot naturally release the pressure for at least 15 minutes.
Remove chicken breasts and shred. Add back to the pot and serve!
Salt and season to your liking.










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