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Thank you for choosing Trivida for your health and wellness support. Do you need a refill on your current prescription or supplements?

For refills on current medication, please call (720)428-8312 and select option 2 for our secure prescription line, please include the prescription, current dosage, and preferred pharmacy. Please note that it is often important to understand how the medication has been working, so often times our provider may need to speak with you before prescriptions are refilled. If that is the case, a representative office will call and schedule an appointment.
The team at Trivida painstakingly researches all the available supplement companies available. We are incredibly picky about the supplements we recommend and the dosages available. In our practice we work with nutraceuticals that are created for providers and only available through providers. We believe in supplementing with a purpose and not blind supplementing.

Call (720) 428-8312, select Option 2