I have not met a Tuesday that didn’t deserve tacos. I mean, I really love tacos. Who doesn’t?! If you’re a true taco lover like me, you just can’t say no. I know I need to find a healthier way to enjoy my favorite food that doesn’t set me back on my health goals! Here are a few ways to make #TacoTuesday better on your body (and waistline)!

Make it a salad!

Using dark leafy greens as your base pumps up the nutrition! If you miss the crunch add tortilla chip strips!

Ditch the ground beef!

Add the same taco spices to shrimp, shish or grilled chicken for a much leaner, and still totally massively delicious taco.

Pick your sides carefully!

Just say “NO” to the refried beans! Instead, opt for Grilled Corn Salad!!