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Julie R.| 5’5″ | 38 yrs | 9 weeks | 23″ | 20lbs

After moving to Colorado last August, I spent my first five months here working way too much and making bad food choices. I decided that I needed more balance in my life and wanted to take steps to become healthier and stronger. I am the type of person that needs a support system and likes challenges. If I go to the gym on my own, I tend not to push myself and fall into ruts with my workouts. Joining Trivida seemed like the best way to get what I needed.  Read More of Julie’s Story Here.

Ken Sipich

I’ve been training alongside Corey in TKD for the last 10 years, so when he told me he put together a fitness and nutrition program I was ready to give it a try. Corey’s wealth and breath of knowledge across so many disciplines of health and fitness have allowed him to come up with a comprehensive philosophy unlike any I have experienced before. Corey also has a unique ability to customize and tailor his program to your capabilities and goals. Read More of Ken’s Story Here.

Renee Johnson

I have been an active sport player my entire life playing competitive softball, basketball and volleyball. About 7 years ago, when I was 16 years old, I began developing horrible knee pain in both my knees and was not able to participate in my sports as much as I wanted to anymore. I sought out any advice I possibly could to get a diagnosis on my knees to try and receive a diagnosis. After 7 years of pain and suffering and 4 surgeries, I still have very little relief in my knees. After those knee surgeries, I just wanted to give up thinking there was nothing else to do.
Read More of Renee’s Story Here.


My journey began after watch an episode of Biggest Loser. I can’t remember if the contestant was male or female, but it doesn’t matter. What mattered was watching someone severely over weight doing something about it. Doing something to better themselves. If THEY could do it, I certainly could.
The next day, I started. Walking. That’s not hard I thought. My route was 2.4 miles long thru the neighborhood. The first time, it took me almost an hour. Whoo! It felt so good to be moving. I was religious about it.  Read More of Becky’s Story Here.

DeDee Tong

Never Say Never….
I have been “training” in my basement for over 7 years now. A gym membership, I’d been there and done that and was NEVER planning to do it again. My most recent excuses: it’s too far from home, and the classes didn’t fit my schedule, so why waste my money! Yet, I still seek a new workout routine to keep challenging my body to stay in shape. I realize that physical activity is only part of the equation. As the resident chef and food critic in our house, I guard my family against hydrogenated fats, GMO’s and keep it organic whenever possible. Exercise and eating right are a top priority in our household… Read More of DeDee’s Story Here.


I was diagnosed in 1993 with Multiple Sclerosis and knew that I had a long road ahead of me. I have a daughter, Nicole, and wanted to stay healthy for her. I am also a former Army Officer and have a very stubborn mindset. I was not going to let MS get me down. Fast forward to 2006, when I started working with Corey Feldman. Mr. Feldman had a background in Athletic Training and a passion for medicine. With knowledge he was eager to work with me. Every time I fell, he would make sure I was ok and tell me to get back up. He has gotten know me, my attitude and my military mind set, and how to motivate… Read More of George’s Story Here.

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